新快速は平日も原則12両化へ JR西日本近畿統括本部ダイヤ改正(2017年3月4日) / Spesial rapid service(A) (Shinkaisoku) in Osaka increase vehicle and Sagano line(E) in Kyoto increase train after March 4, 2017

JR西日本近畿統括本部は12月16日、プレスで2017年3月4日にダイヤ改正を行い、平日も含めて新快速を原則12両とすることを公表した( https://www.westjr.co.jp/press/article/items/161216_00_keihanshin.pdf )。今回はこれについて見ていく(日本語・英語2か国語対応)。


English version is here.

1. 平日の原則12両化
今回のダイヤ改正では米原〜姫路間を通しで運行される新快速が平日も含めて全て12両となる。2011年には土休日の新快速12両化がなされたが、2017年の今回には平日もなされることになる。これによる昼夕輸送力比( 詳細はこちら )は、新快速だけで見ると40%から60%に大幅改善、快速も含めると62%から67%に改善する。2011年の際には大阪ステーションシティ開業に伴う京阪神エリアでの大幅改正があったが、今回は小規模なようで、ジャパンレールパスを用いた訪日外国人増加に伴う混雑を抑えようとしているのではなかろうか。車両については土休日でもすでに賄えていることから運用上の問題はないのであろう。

2. 嵯峨野線も増便
今回のダイヤ改正では、嵯峨野線も増発され、昼間快速毎時1本と普通毎時3本の合計毎時4本であったものが、嵯峨嵐山発着の毎時1本が追加され毎時5本となる。2020年3月開業予定の新駅を見据えているのかもしれないが、こちらも訪日外国人のインバウンド需要に引っ張られている傾向があるように思える。大阪・梅田から嵐山に向かうのであれば阪急の方が近いが、こちらはジャパンレールパスが使えない。また、嵯峨野線の場合繁忙期(主に秋)には増発ダイヤを組んでいたことから、それを定期化するという点では不自然ではない者と思われる。こちらの昼夕輸送力比( 詳細はこちら )を見ていくと、50%から58%にまで改善し、まだまだではあるものの地域輸送性を高めていくことは間違いなさそうだ。

3. 結び




JR West announced that it will revise the schedule on December 16, March 4, 2017 (https://www.westjr.co.jp/press/article/items/161216_00_keihanshin.pdf). This time we will look about this (Japanese / English bilingual correspondence).

※ Please understand for editing by translation software.

1. Weekday principle 12 compounding
 With the revision of the schedule this time, all train of special rapid service, including weekdays, will be operated through between Yonehara and Himeji. In 2011, 12 new days of Saturdays and Sundays were made, but this time will be done on weekdays this time in 2017. With the Japan rail pass, as a result of the increase in foreigners visiting Japan, it seems that there is no operational problem as vehicles that are designed to make it easier to secure seats are already covered on holidays on Saturdays and Sundays.
 Nonetheless, this time between Maibara to Himeji is 12 in total for running, but Kosei line is not included. If it is a holiday, twelve operations have been done to Omi Imasu, apparently it will not be done on weekdays.

2. Sagano line also increases
 In this diamond revision, the Sagano line which is convenient for Arashiyama sightseeing has also been increased, and the total of four hours per hour, one hour per hour fast and one hour per hour, 1 hour per hour arrived from Saga Arashiyama and added every hour 5 It becomes a book. Although it may be looking at the new station scheduled to open in March 2020, it seems that there also tends to be pulled by the inbound demand of foreigners who visit Japan. If you head for Arashiyama from Osaka ・ Umeda you are closer to Hankyu, but here you can not use Japan Rail Pass. Also, in the case of the Sagano line, it seems that it is not unnatural in terms of periodicizing it since it was organizing a diversion schedule during the busy season (mainly autumn).

3. concluding
 In the changing timetable in March 2017, Keihanshin is expected to strengthen the transportation capacity generally, and it is said that it is going to wipe out a significant reduction in the daytime mainly in the ordinary train which was once carried out in 2011 Movement is seen, especially in both directions Osaka station every hour 00 shipping departing ace train, which is a new rapid, seems to be actively making additions. . Moreover, by introducing 225 series of expanded car body with the large number of capacity even if it is the same number, and 323 series put on from today's day 24 to each station train of the Hanwa Line and the Osaka Cycle Line, I think that the. Although it was not stated that the daytime Osaka cyclic line will be united by 3 doors in this press, the JR Kyoto Line New Station and Osaka East Line New Station scheduled to open in March 2018, scheduled to open in March 2019 Osaka East Line Shin - Osaka - Release, JR Sagano Line New Station scheduled to open in March 2020, etc. Since the event has been held every year for the past 3 years, I would like to expect each urban network line in the future.

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